High Tea Menu


Raspberry Walnut & Golden Raisin Sconces w/ Creme Fraiche & Homemade Preserves
English Crumpets w/ Warm Honey Butter

Tea Sandwiches

Choice of Two (Roast Beef with caramelized onions & horseradish cream cheese, Smoked Turkey with  avocado & black-bean spread, Shrimp salad & sprouts, Baby asparagus with egg-yolk butter, Bacon & arugula with mushroom butter, Mozzarella & fresh tomato with pesto butter, Bacon & egg salad, Curried chicken salad, Smoked salmon & dill with lemon-caper butter)

Fresh Blueberries, Raspberries and Strawberries served w/ Italian Vanilla Custard
Lemon Squares & Amaretto Brownies

Choice of two teas from Tea List
$16.95 per person + tax (10%) + gratuity (22%)


On-Site catering staff for the duration of the event

Tea List

Black Tea:
Darjeeling Blend: Smooth classic Darjeeling with elegant muscatel notes (Black Darjeeling)
Puer -Tou Cha Birds Nest Tea: This aged Yunnan puer is shaped in small bowls or birds nests, one bowl per 4 cup pot. This is a strong, earthy almost musty flavored tea. (Black China)
Earl Grey White Tip: Made with a large portion of white tips (the most prized portion of the plant) and blended with the best oil of bergamot available and fine china teas. Incredibly aromatic and flavorful. (Black Blend)
Prairie Passion: A beguiling blend of black and green teas with passion fruit and other flavors. It is slightly sweet with a hint of tanginess. (Black Blend)
Georgia Sunrise: A fine China Black tea flavored with ginger and peach. (Black Flavored)
Stronge Assam: Definitely meant to wake you up. A pronounced deep malty flavor that stands up well to milk and sugar (Black)
Irish Breakfast: A combination of teas from Assam, Nilgiri, and China, this is a little more robust than most English blends. (Black)
Choicest Formosa Oolong: A classic Formosan oolong. (Oolong Formosa)

Green Tea:
Precious Eyebrows (China Moon Palace or Chun Mee): A wonderful way to be introduced to green tea with a very mellow taste and a sweet plum like aftertaste. (Green China)
Jasmine: A refreshing tea with relatively little caffeine. A fine tea for a rainy day. (Green)
Green Peony Rosettes: Hand Tied tea leaves create these rosettes or wheels, with a marvelous clean, fresh taste and aroma. Meant to be brewed many times. Just keep adding hot water until flavor is exhausted. Often served in a wine glass. (Green)

Herbal Tea: (No Caffeine)
Evening in Missoula: Absolutely fabulous. Chamomile, rose hips, raspberry, papaya, peppermint, spearmint, strawberry leaf, vanilla, passion flower, red clover, star anise, wild cherry bark. (Herbal)
Montana Gold: Spicy, sweet, and invigorating. Rooibos, cinnamon, orange peel cloves. (Herbal)
Lemon Sunset: Strong, bright lemony flavor and aroma, also great iced. Rooibos, lemon grass and lemon peel. (Herbal)
Organic Peppermint: The perfect tea after heavy meals; mildly stimulating, cooling & refreshing. Delicious iced. (Herbal)
Red Berries: This tea has a raspberry/cherry aroma & flavor. Made from hibiscus flowers, elderberries, bilberries, grapes and citrus peel. (Herbal)

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